Heathen Engineering


Project Fury

High Concept

The player commands a capital class starship in solo, wing and fleet actions against large numbers of enemy capital class ships.


  •  The player manually pilots 1 capital class starship of various types including movement, firing and effect management such as temporary effects, status effects, etc.
  •  Cooperatively works with AI driven allies in mission
  •  Directs AI driven allies in mission such as to command a wing or a fleet of AI ships
  •  Chooses active flag ship from a range of available classes and types
    •  Types may include: Corvette, Frigate, Cruiser, Destroyer, Battle cruiser, Battleship, Interdictor, Dreadnought, Carrier, Fortress and Gar
    •  Types come in many classes each visually and tactically different such as faction specific, company specific, culture specific and ad-hoc classes e.g. The Nord Factions Tyr class Battleship
  •  Select missions from a range of "Events" available from multiple "Factions"
  •  Adaptive gameplay based on the players choices in game
    •  Gameplay ranges from pure arcade action like shooter to diplomacy based empire management
  • Build custom ship by drag and drop in the Ship Yard
  •  Offline and Online features include
          The game can be played on or off line; and no subscription fees or micro pay schemas to bother with
    • Markets
    •  "Trials" aka tournament style combat
    •  Mercenary missions (hire or be hired by NPCs and other players